Frequently asked questions

A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is a highly skilled, highly valuable independent contractor. While many offer administrative services (like we do), they also specialize in providing additional services to your business. This can include valuable skills like social media management and content creation and editing. 

Because a VA is an independent contractor, they are responsible for their own taxes and employer taxes in addition to making what they need to pay the bills. While the hourly rate can seem steep, when you factor in the fact that you don’t have fringe benefits (401k, health care, etc) or overhead costs (physical space, computer, phone, etc), you actually end up saving using a VA over a full time assistant that is an employee. On average, a full time assistant that makes $20/hour has an actual cost of $37/hour. If a VA has a rate of $35/hour, you are already saving per hour. If you factor in that a full time employee works around 2080 hours a year and a VA doing the same job can work as few as 480, you can end up saving $60,000/year. You can read a more detailed breakdown here.

There are many ways that business owners save money by using a Virtual Assistant rather than a full time employee. Virtual Assistants are responsible for their own taxes, including employer taxes. They also provide their own equipment. Additionally, they don’t get paid for lunches, they don’t have co-workers around to chat with; you only get billed for the time they are working. They are also budget friendly. You know how much you can afford, be it a few hours a month or full time.  Because they work by the hour (or package), they won’t work over unless you clear them to. 

VA’s and business owners can keep in contact just like any other leaders and admins. You can utilize e-mail communication, texting or a plethora of free tools (Slack, Skype, Zoom, etc). 

Are you hustling to make your business work, but feel like you can’t get past mundane tasks (like email) to work on the vision in your head? Is your task list growing and never getting any smaller? Are there tasks that you dread doing? You know, the ones that your energy just sinks when you realize it is time to do them? If you answered yes to any of these, you need a VA.